I LoVe you

just wanted to say i still loVe you.


I made this the day i met your Ex

Well when i met your Ex i made this not that i wanted to hit them but he sure look like he wanted to hurt me. You should see the look on his face he gave me a killer look it made me laugh really... why would he act like that not my fault that your relantioship with him didnt work and that you don't go back to him. Anyway his face made me feel good lol 1st of all someone must have tyalked to him of me cause he surely knew me, if he didn't looked at me like that i wouldnt even noticed in him.


I try so many times to draw my pain but  most times i quit cause my pain is just to much for me to draw it.



Kind hard to explain why drawing this.... 1st of all it was on a full moon night when i made and when i think in you feels like i am someplace else other than here... (andas com a cabeça na lua) i don't know how long will i wait for you but as long as i have this feelings it's hard not to wait for you no matter how many times you turn me down.

Dark Side vs. 7.0

I don't know why i just wish i could be evil and loose my feelings and shock society...


Especially for you

I know you really llike horses, i want to please so much i would offer you one if i could. I will do anything to make you happy ... love you so much.

Just a girl

Just reviewing another of my old draws, when i got tired of demons i started doing women....
I hate monday mornings...